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September 3, 2010
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You lay there, your ears listening intently to the constant ticking of the loud wooden clock downstairs. You roll over, feeling the sheets crinkle as they wrap around you. A shaky sigh makes its way up your throat and out your smooth lips.

The room is dark except for the bright moon that shines into your bedroom through the glass door that leads to the balcony. Where the luminosity from the moon cannot reach, dim shadows creep over the walls.

A gentle tap catches your attention and you freeze where you lie. It occurs four more times before you gain the courage to sit up. Your gaze lingers over the glass door and as you stare, you see a small round pebble come flying towards you. It hits the door with the same tapping sound as before.

A little chuckle escapes your lips as you realise what exactly is happening. You rip the sheets off your legs and stand up, heading across your dark room towards the balcony door. You hold the doorknob for a few seconds, mulling over what was occurring.

You turn the handle and step out into the silverly light. You reach the edge of the balcony and look attentively downwards. You're thankful for the full moon tonight as you can vaguely distinguish the form of him.

"You're crazy!" You shout as loudly as possible for him to hear but quiet enough that your parents cannot.

"Only crazy for you!" He says. It was a cheesy thing to say though the entire situation was cheesy so it seemed to suit perfectly. Heat began rising to your cheeks.

"Stay there, okay?" You wait for him to nod before you run back inside and quickly tug on your fleece jacket over your silk singlet and long pants. You take a deep breath before turning the doorhandle of your bedroom and creak it open. You slip into the hallway and tippy toe your way to the front door. Your bare feet hit the damp grass at a fast paced run.

You still as he comes into sight. He is facing in the opposite direction and you can see the muscles that ripple down his back. His black curls have a silvery shine to them and his masculine jaw is sharp and powerful. He truly is beautiful.

You continue forward and as he hears you near, he turns to face you and you're yet again blown away by his beauty. Warm chocolate eyes gaze at you lovingly and you feel a shiver run up your spine. His lips turn up in a gorgeous grin, flashing white even teeth.

He steps towards you and entwines his long fingers through yours. As you stare at your hands together, you feel your heart rate speed up dramatically and you wonder to yourself if you're going to have a heart attack.

"Will you be mine?" He asks as you continue to avoid eye contact. He squeezes your small hands to gain your attention. He succeeds and you turn to gaze into those brown eyes.  "And I'll be yours, if you'll take me."

"Of course I want you." You whisper, your gaze lingering on his finely shaped lips. You resist the urge to kiss him and stare down at the ground for distraction.

His hands slowly leave yours but instead he wraps his arms around your waist. You begin to feel more self-conscious but smile softly to hide it.

"Wh-," You begin to utter but are abruptly cut off as his soft moist lips press against your own. He was deliberately slow as he brushed his mouth against yours. It was gentle and affectionate.

You feel utterly vulnerable but don't care because you're too blissfully happy.

When his lips eventually leave yours, your lips feel swollen. You notice how his are slightly red looking and puffy.

You close your eyes for a moment, savouring the memory of the feeling and emotion of your first kiss. "What does this mean?" Your words only come out as a mumble.

"Whatever you want it to." He replies softly, his breath hot against your face.

You nod and open your eyes to see how closely he is observing you. A lump forms in your throat at his words. He had always been the one you'd had a crushed on but you had never believed he'd express mutual feelings.

"I would like this to work. You and I." You admit and see the happiness that flares in his eyes.

He takes your hand and leads you towards the swinging bench that is connected to the thick branches of two trees by solid silver chains. He waits until you're seated and then sits down beside you, his hand still clutching yours.

You both sit there for a long while, wrapped up in an embrace. You begin whispering words of affection, touching each other's arms and faces and allow gentle, brief brushes of lips that send emotional warmth through your entire body.

You were his. He was yours.
"You wonít know who to believe in
Well thatís a good time to be leaviní
And the past knocks on your door
And throws stones at your window at 4 in the morning
Well maybe, he thinks itís romantic
Heís crazy but you knew that before."

Shine by Anna Nalick <3

This song was my inspiration :3

I realise the pebbles thrown at the glass at night time isn't exactly original but it's really sweet to me and I love how Anna Nalick mentions it in the song :3

It's my very first try of second person. Not totally sure what I think of it yet.
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AlecWolfe Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2010
'You [*still - ?] as he comes into sight.' Smile?

'His black curls [*have] a silvery shine to [*them] and his masculine jaw is sharp and powerful.' Careful with the tense, keep it constant.

'You begin whispering words of affection, touching each other's arms and faces and allow gentle[*,] brief brushes of lips that send emotional warmth through your entire body.' Commas when listing.

This is lovely. It's oh so cliche but it works. Second person is hard... really hard. I haven't gotten the hang of it yet either, but I want to keep trying and hope you do to. You have managed to keep the 'you' in there constantly and that is nice. Traditional second person has the voice using 'you' to describe and talk of the protagonist. You've opted for a more modern and simpler for of it, but that's okay. It works. Great story, very cute.
EmilyJade00 Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2010
When I say "still", I'm referring to how the main character stops walking at the sight of him but I can always use an alternative word if it doesn't seem to fit or make any sense.

Thank you for your input, very much appreciated! I shall fix those errors now :3

Hahah, yeah, very cliche xD

And, thanks! :D :D
AlecWolfe Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2010
Ah, that makes sense now. I didn't get it before but I was (and still am) rather tired when I read this, so it probably does make sense.

You're welcome.
EmilyJade00 Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2010
Oh xD Hahaha.
MindofMyOwn Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2010   Writer
I really liked this (feeling in bit of a romantic mood as I am preparing myself to tell my friend of 4 years I have feelings for him). None the less, this was sweet. I ALWAYS thought that pebbles at the window was such a romantic thing to do. Really cute.
EmilyJade00 Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2010
Wish you the best of luck for when you do so <3

And thank you :3 Hahaha, glad I'm not the only one that thinks so :D
Mikufan Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2010  Student Digital Artist
Waaaaa Sorry I didnt get around to reading this til now..

But, Im glad i did! Its really Adorable Awesome! FFFFUUUU You're amazing ;A;



*imagines the story as me and Russia*


*RapeFace* : D
EmilyJade00 Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2010
Hahaha, thanks :3
AnnamaeTezuka Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
Very sensual.
EmilyJade00 Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2010
Hah, thank you :3
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